Ghanaians To Lose Their SIM Numbers. Read Full Details

The National Communications Authority (NCA) and the Ministry of Communications have issued warnings that a number of Ghanaian mobile phone customers have not yet registered their SIM cards.

If customers are unable to re-register their SIM cards, there are concerns that they may lose their cash-filled mobile money wallets. Subscribers have up to May 31, 2023 to register their SIM, or they lose their telephone numbers forever.

The ministry has cautioned that the cutoff time for the re-registration of SIM cards won’t be extended once more.

However, there are concerns regarding what will happen to customers’ cash-based mobile money accounts, which could result in the permanent loss of their numbers.

Thousands of people who have not had the option to re-register their SIM card with the Ghana card are exceptionally stressed over losing their numbers, especially mobile money wallets.

Some subscribers have stated that the money will be safe as long as there is a record showing funds in their momo accounts, despite the fact that the NCA is yet to provide any specifics regarding what takes place.

NCA To Introduce A New Shortcode For Ghana Card Verifications

There are rumors that, if people eventually lose their mobile money wallets, their funds will remain safe with banks for the foreseeable future. However, in order for the individual to obtain each person’s money from the bank, there would be a means of identifying the owner.

The SIM card registration was extended a few times by the Ministry of Communications after calls to prolong the exercise to enable subscribers who are yet to receive their Ghana cards to do so.

Most of the telcos complained of logistic constraints after the postponement, citing cost of the exercise.

After several postponements the NCA and Ministry decided to roll out sanctions in phases to compel subscribers to re-register their SIMs.

After the deadline, subscribers who failed to re-register their SIMs will not be able to make calls, receive calls and text messages.

Telcos are required to block all such lines from accessing any service.

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