Ghana’s Afrochella Festival Is Being Steered By More Women

Some patrons of the last Afrochella Festival in Ghana

During the Year Of Return Ghana 2019 celebration, one side most smoking celebration that got people talking was Afrochella. Amidst the best event undoubtedly in Ghana, Afrochella similarly made the whole occasion worth discussing the world over.

The Year Of Return 2019 which was composed to stamp the 400th commemoration of the beginning of the slave trade West Africa, calling the survivors of the descendants to get back, was incredibly lovely and was likewise successful on the grounds that, Afrochella was a part of it to observe Africa’s differing culture and energetic work of African creatives and business visionaries.

Afrochella festival truly accomplished the aim of presenting an interactive event that passes on knowledge and explores culture with a spearheading approach, which at last brought more than 10,000 participants to Ghana. The festival has for as far back as four years demonstrated why it is an event to be critically taken a gander at.

Guests of the feast couldn’t hide their joy at the 2019 edition

By all norms, Afrochella has really added to boosting Ghana’s economy, by making money for the country especially in 2019 where they pulled in more than one (1) billion dollars. One enthusiastic thing about Afrochella is that, they organize good cause and volunteerism in several rural areas of the country including the capital, Accra. Afrochella additionally gives meals to the less favored just as redesigns for schools particularly a shelter school in Jamestown, a suburb in Ghana.

Yet, have you for once thought of who truly are behind this magnificent festival? These are the women who control the affairs of the event with incredible contents. Tiffany Bender is one of them.

Tiffany is the Head of Content for Afrochella and has done this for as far back as four years. She joined Afrochella in 2017 and was the face of the festival. From that time going, she has buckled down with support from the whole group at this magnificent outfit.

Surprisingly, the women who work here are promising and incredibly persevering. They generally want to see the outfit grow to significance. This isn’t to imply that the men here are inactive but perhaps the quantity of women here exceeds the men.

As the As Head of Charity, Tiffany Bender worked eagerly with her team which includes Gifty Boakye (Head of Charity for Afrochella), Khadijat El Alawa, (Talent Manager for Afrochellato), and others generally raise fund to help others other than their advantage.

Tiffany is passionate about impacting peoples’ lives, in this manner she doesn’t permit any chance to sneak past. However, she is likewise upbeat Afrochella’s crowd has developed from 8,000 to 30,000. And that is a proof that they are changing the story of African culture.

From the debut event in 2017 to date, Afrochella have raised $26,000 for their charity activities, every year growing. In 2019, Tiffany introduced Afrochella’s Reads and Feeds battle activity to help Ghana’s underdeveloped communities.

The crusade got over $10,000 in subsidizing with sponsorships from Airbnb and Twitter. Through the peruses and feeds, activity more than 100 volunteers added to the dispersion of 500 suppers in Ghana’s Greater Accra territory, just as the remodel of the GENESIS shelter school in Jamestown.

As a matter of fact, the target of Afrochella was to cultivate the significance of training inside the local communities in Ghana, Accra to be specific. The Afrochella Feeds activity was an arrangement to appropriate 500 dinners around the most ruined regions in Accra.

That said, the point was to acquire attention to hunger Ghana utilizing the social impact and foundation of Afrochella to help to “Zero Hunger” number two of Ghana’s 17 feasible advancement objectives discharged by the UN of Ghana in 2019. Afrochella brought $10,500 up in their endeavors to execute both foundation activities and were joined by 150 volunteers.

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