Ghana’s Agribusinesses Ready To Explore European Union Markets

Several Ghanaian Agribusiness firms are technically and managerially undergoing a training on the best way to access new likely markets in the European Union (EU).

The training is intended to help these organizations with a potential for the universal market just as firms that as of now, sell globally, but plan to grow their span.

The undertaking which is entitled: Lab Innova For Africa, was set up by Italian Trade Agency as a team with the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) and the Association of Ghanaian Industries (AGI).

The program is planned for expanding the technical and manageriall skills of local agri-food organizations to furnish them with the imperative aptitudes to more readily get to the EU Markets just as encouraging trade partnership with Italian organizations.

The first edition has just started with organizations delivering foods grown from the ground, explicitly, mango and pineapples profiting by the training.

Some members have already experienced a 2-level investigation which includes one-on one virtual meetings to fit the bill for the educational courses.

It is accounted that indigenous agribusiness firms produce good quality products which empowers them increase gainful access to outside business sectors.

In 2019, an overview which was led to evaluate the degree of seriousness of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the horticulture segment demonstrates that, more than 80 percent indigenous agribusiness trade firms are universally affirmed as against 54 percent for non-exporters.

The study was led by the International Trade Center (ITC) in a joint effort with GEPA and AGI, representing exporters and manufacturers just as the Ghana Investments Promotion Center (GIPC).

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