Ghana’s Corruption Normalisation Poses Threats To The Country’s Growth

The Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition (GACC) has revealed that corruption seems to have been normalised in the country.

The GACC’s decision about the present status of corruption was made known at the recent Corruption Report 2023 media press briefing.

As per the GACC, this normalization presents dangers to the country’s development aspirations to transform, advance inclusive development, and as well move this country to ‘a Ghana Beyond Aid’ which will translate to an economically independent, confident, peaceful and prosperous nation.”

The GACC demonstrated that new happenings in the country raise worries that “the government is not providing the public with a clear pathway for dealing with corruption,” revealing that “Ghanaians feel that some persons in authority appear to be sending wrong signals all the time. It is as if we take one step forward and two steps backwards.”

Per its reports, Ghana is encountering: “Declining Performances on International Corruption Indices; Alarming rate of petty corruption (or administrative bribery); Deepening levels of grand corruption among public officers and institutions; and Election-related corruption and vote-buying.”

The report stressed that the government of Ghana should keep investing considerably in the anti-corruption state institutions and intensify implementation of anticorruption laws.

Also, the political leadership must also show that there is a personal price to pay for corruption by speeding up the investigation and prosecution of corruption cases as well as recovery of proceeds of corruption.

This year’s International Anti-corruption Day (IACD), fell on Saturday, 9 December 2023. The event commemorated the twentieth anniversary of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC).

Ghana Extols Digitalization In The Fight Against Corruption

The global view is to use the occasion of the IACD to reflect on the positive changes brought about by the collective efforts driven by the Convention.

The Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition, in a determination to intensify its efforts at supporting the fight against corruption and corruption-related activities in Ghana, has initiated the “GACC Corruption Report.”

This is an annual report on the state of corruption in Ghana, and it is to be published every year in commemoration of the IACD.

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