Ghana’s COVID-19 Cases May Hit More Than 50,000 If….

Ghana’s coronavirus infection cases keep rising every week to the disappointment of numerous residents. As at now, the contamination rate is more than 20,000 with one hundred and fifty doctors also infected. This has for quite a while been a significant argument in the country.

However, many dread that before the year’s over, the cases may go past 50,000 or even more. Numerous people including a professor of Epidemiologist, Fred Newton Binka, have anticipated that Ghana will hit the 50,000-mark in COVID-19 cases in a matter of moments.

This is as a result of a great many people dismissing all the security protocols in forestalling the malady. Ghana has so far recorded a liitle more than 20,085 cases of the infection since its episode.

One hundred and twenty-two people have lost their lives while 14,870 people have vanquished the illness.

According to Prof. Binka, who is a former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS) in Ghana, the numbers will go up if the general public don’t follow the precautionary steps.

He further stated:

“This virus doesn’t have a leg. We all have gone through many in trying to slow it down but once people come together, they will distribute the virus and then we shall have more numbers. So there is no gainsaying that we are generating and creating these problems.”

The expansion in the numbers is a significant concern to the lives of health laborers who are helping fight the contamination. Naturally, when the numbers go up, health workers are at serious risk, since they will come into contact with patients with the infection.

The more the asymptomatic individuals are being discovered, the more the numbers are going to twofold. Interestingly, the law abiding people who are practicing the security protocols are in peril, since they dread that they might be affected as the number continue expanding.

Until the a radical measure is put across to dissuade people, the infection will travel all spots.

Meanwhile, the President of Ghana has by law, allowed the Ghana Police service to arrest anybody without face mask and other PPEs out in the public.

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