Ghana’s Entertainment Industry Still Has Prospects

Some Ghanaian artists in a meeting

Ghana is undoubtedly honored with immense talents as far as the entertainment industry is concerned. The industry has for as long as two decades been rising with the new trend of artists acquiring an alternate style of everything.

In the music hovers, there are obviously, a couple of challenges yet taking all things together, it has been thriving since the young artists in the industry are doing all their conceivable best to push their music to the world.

In the period of Bice Osei Kuffuor, the previous president of Musicians Union Of Ghana (MUSIGA), put forth a valiant effort to grow the music of Ghanaian origin however shockingly, a couple of artists didn’t find any attraction in his style of administration for some reasons known to them. ‘Obour’ as he is affectionately called, the former president did extremely well when he took over as the president.

In fact, he progressed nicely but the artists still had issues with him as he was blamed for such a significant number of things. Besides this, as of now, the music industry is proceeding onward consistently.

However, a few entertainment intellectuals contend that, despite the fact that the music business is progressing nicely, they think it despite everything needs greater improvement since the sort of music being produced nowadays are going amiss from the core music of Ghana.

Others likewise feel, the world has advanced thus there is nothing amiss with that. After all, through this newly introduced music genres, Ghana has won global honors which includes Black Entertainment TV Awards (BET), KORA, and a few other international acts and collaborations.

Now, the music industry with music administration outfits like the Ghana Music Rights Association (GHAMRO) etc. are doing all their best to increase the expectation of Ghana’s music industry.

Then again, the film sector in the West African nation, Ghana has to some degree gone into a touch of hibernation. All things considered, this is the thing that a section of the populace have noticed. The Ghana film industry was extremely dynamic a few years ago however for some time now, it has taken an alternate turn.

It is no more as vibrant as it used to be because of some different difficulties being confronted. In the wake of this log jam, some film makers are enthusiastically producing delightful motion pictures that are in any event, winning honors. One of these movie producers is Shirley Frimpong Manson, one of the best in Africa. Other than her, other producers are additionally offering in quality motion pictures for global utilization.

Some of the significant challenges of the movie producers are investments and the means by which to go digital by way of streaming online than the CD sales that is rapidly leaving the system. Fortunately, things are set up to deflect the circumstance.

Meanwhile, the comedy industry is similarly ascending at a top speed. Gone are the days when Ghana’s neighbors, Nigeria assumed control over the comedy industry in the country with phenomenal comedy series, stand up shows and other comedy appears.

Today, Ghana has also taken the relay with the semblance of Lekzi de Comic, DKB, Clemento Suarez, Jacinta, Funny Face, Forster Romanus, and numerous other comedians doing well overall. These folks appear to have placed in more speed and force into what they’re doing, thus have been seen by the majority when contrasted with few years back.

Comedy was looked down on in Ghana but steadily, it has come to be a part of the people, because of the likes of the previously mentioned entertainers with the exertion the have placed in.

On fashion, evidently this industry has not been acknowledged and at the same time noticed that much as compared to that of the ones examined above (music, motion pictures, comedy). Perhaps, the majority are yet to see how fashion is crucial in the entertainment world.

Stakeholders of the fashion business most likely has a major task to carry out an education and setting up more fashion shows consistently to create more awareness that fashion additionally assumes a significant role in entertainment circles.

Yes!, there are fashion shows going on in various parts of the country but the popularity is what is left to them to do. Ghana has incredible fashionistas who can sell the country to the rest of the world from multiple points of view, along these lines authorities or handlers of the fashion Industry have a great deal of work to do.

Generally, Ghana’s entertainment industry has been phenomenal and at the same time has a ton to do to pull in more investors. Without investments, there wouldn’t be any industry.

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