Ghana’s Finest Actor Adjetey Anang On Investment In The Film Industry

Many will testify that Adjetey Anang, one of the best actors in Africa, attracted more attention early in his acting career. “Things We Do For Love” was a Ghanaian youth television series that made him famous in Ghana and Africa in general. He is loved by many because of his role in the most watched television series at the time.

The youth series was very influential for young people because of the purpose and theme of the story. After this series, Adjetey Anang’s acting career grew and to date, he has constantly been relevant in the film industry not only in Ghana but Africa. Adjetey Anang’s natural acting skills may have been the secret of his success in the industry.

The gentle actor has starred in many Ghanaian films, including Deadly Voyage, A Sting In ATake, Broken Heart, The Perfect Picture, Adam’s Apples, Potomanto, Double Cross, Devil In Detail, Keteke, Side Chic Gang, Kintampo, Sink or Swim: Perilous Journey and other foreign films, including the Dutch film titled “Slavery”.

The 45-year-old actor nicknamed ‘Pusher’, has received several awards in Ghana, including Arts Critique and Review Association of Ghana (ACRAG) as the “Best Actor, and other international awards.

Anang, who is also a brilliant actor on stage, believes that Hollywood is clearly at the forefront of promoting America as a brand and has made a significant contribution to the development of America and to a large impact on the world and its origins. He believes the US government has played an important role for years, which is why their films are the center of attention.

According to Adjetey Anang, if Ghana, or Africa as a whole, wants to be one of the best filmmakers in the world, there must be an environment that supports creative arts. Laws on piracy, intellectual property, capacity building, tax incentives, etc. should be applied.

In this connection, much remains to be done, even though Ghanaian films have made significant progress on and off the continent with the community’s hard work. Many famous international airlines buy and show Ghanaian films on their airlines, and gradually Ghanaian films have gained worldwide recognition. However, this industry needs more support and sponsorship from investors, especially the Ghanaian government.

Adjetey Anang is a product from the University of Ghana.

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