Ghana’s Food System Would’ve Been Affected If The Lockdown Had Not Been Removed – Prof. Richmond Aryeetey

Prof. Richmond Aryeetey, University of Ghana

As per Professor Aryeetey, Ghana would’ve felt the ‘pain’ of food shortage if the partial lockdown in Ghana had not been lifted. The Nutrition and Food Science expert, has expressed that the food system, which begins from the homestead to our plates experience a great deal of procedures before arriving in our homes.

As of late, the process associated with this system has profoundly been affected during this COVID-19 period. Mr. Aryeetey stated, that the chain that helps in the transportation of all food stuffs to the markets, and to the urban areas were broken because of the lockdown in Ghana.

Thus, foods would have been in deficiency if Ghana’s lockdown had not been lifted. The process begins from the farms, at that point it experiences the hands of packagers, then to the transporters from these long distances before finally coming to our homes.

All these processes are completed by tons of people, thusly during the lockdown in Ghana, it vigorously influenced costs. Purchasers were grumbling of serious price hikes in foods in the market.

Factually, at a point, exactly when you’re purchasing a food stuff in the market, there and instantly, the prices go up again, in this way the fusses. He said how to deal with the evolved way of the food system ought to be taken basic glance at, as it has affected practically everybody in Ghana.

The food processors on consummation of their part, is now left with another chain to get it on our tables, therefore it’s not about only the farms. It experiences all chains before arriving at the market.

Meanwhile, Prof. Aryeetey has encouraged everybody to take their food intake intense and ought to do well to vary our meals as opposed to eating a single meal consistently due to coronavirus.

Indeed, some people have eaten very nearly one food for a long time during this pandemic season inspired by a paranoid fear of going out.

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