Ghana’s Members Of Parliament To Go For A Mass Testing For COVID-19

Ghana’s Parliament House will be engaged today Wednesday 20th May, 2020 as members of Parliament will all test for the savage pandemic, coronavirus. The MPs will be tested together with their spouses to shield them from getting infected.

This mass testing by the government officials will also include the staff of the house. All members of Parliament have been asked to make themselves accessible for this exercise.

Meanwhile, a former minister of State and a member of Parliament, Honorable Alban Gbagbin is asking the government of Ghana to put on TV, the number of infected individuals to persuade other Ghanaians who don’t believe there is a lethal infection of such nature.

Reacting to Mr. Gbagbin’s statement, some MPs believe, this is an off-base call by the respectable senior MP, since it will rather invite slander.

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