Ghana’s Partial Lockdown Restrictions Lifted

For the seventh time in this pandemic season, the President of Ghana has by and by met with Ghanaians concerning the partial lockdown in the country. During the 6th time addressing the country on Live TV, President Nana Akufo-Addo stretched out the period to one more week making it three weeks.

However, on the Sunday nineteenth April, 2020, during his discourse, the President Nana Akuffo-Addo has lifted the restrictions of movement by people in the Greater Accra region and Kumasi in the Ashanti area.

As per the President, Ghana’s cases are not as extreme when contrasted with other countries but at the same time discovering approaches to cinch it down.

Before the evacuation of the partial lockdown, some Ghanaians were complaining that the incomplete lockdown had influenced their every day lives and businesses, subsequently the government should think about potential revisions to deal with the issue.

For salaried workers, they have no hesitations with the directives by the President but the low salary workers who feed on every day pays and wages have opined how this has influenced them.

In spite of the fact that the government, private people, organizations and religious bodies are helping in the battle against COVID-19 by continually taking care of an enormous number of individuals who are vulnerable and need assistance, people are as yet whining of the impact.

Talking on Live TV, Nana Akkufo-Addo emphasized that, despite the fact that the lockdown has been lifted, it is nearly equivalent to being in the period. He proceeded by saying that the precautionary guidelines ought to carefully be clung to.

He importuned everyone who are eager to go out to work to make it a point to wear all protectives like the facemasks, hand gloves, body defenders and other COVID-19 battling items.

The people who don’t really have something imperative to do outside to remain at home while the government discover intends to bring life to normalcy.

Commercial vehicles operators including trotros, taxicabs and others are still under the limitation of picking travelers at a decreased number just like during the lockdown period.

Market women ought to likewise stick to the orders of not sitting near one another so close. All borders of the country are as yet shut for one more week. Public and private schools and other institutions are also closed down until further notification.

Nana Akkufo-Addo further expressed that, every get-together including funeral services, holy places, parties, sporting activities, and others are still in lockdown period.

He exhorted every bereaved family to comply with the guidelines by sitting tight for an advantageous time after the lockdown before burying their friends and family or burying them secretly and sorting out the burial service function later.

He thanked all people and institutions who privately shared hot prepared meals to help the poor during the lockdown.

Ghana’s contaminated cases currently stands at 1,042 with 9 deaths and 99 recoveries.

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