Ghana’s Petroleum Authority Increases Fuel Margin

The National Petroleum Authority of Ghana has introduced another toll on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) which was operative April 1, 2020.

The new increment which is for Cylinder Recovery Margin (CRM) will be GHp13.5 per kilogram for LPG.

Furthermore, the National Petroleum Authority is likewise modifying the Fuel Marking Margin from GHp3 to GHp4.5 per liter for fuel.

Since the declaration of this increment, several people have griped about this move. Many are stating this is illicit as they think the NPA needs to return again on the grounds that there is a lawful system that one must follow to present any type of toll.

Besides, others are of the view that the levy addition had to go through Ghana’s Finance Ministry, the Cabinet and the parliament for the proper board of trustees to survey before endorsement.

In the mean time, in Act 691 of Ghana’s constitution, it builds up the NPA has no command, power inside the arrangement to force another levy of such extent without plan of action to parliament.

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