Ghana’s Tini Waterfalls Runs Over Several Rocks, And It’s Beautiful

Tini Cascades is one of a handful of the fascinating tourism destinations in the Eastern region of Ghana, that has quite a storm of individuals both in Ghana and abroad visiting every year. So what’s their attractile that moves them to travel here to have an experience at Tini Cascades?

Otherwise called Adasawase Watergalls, Tini which is situated in the North Eastern part of Adasawase has everything necessary to draw in travelers all over the world.

Interestingly, Adasawase is a quite captivating small farming town in the Eastern District, around 5km off the Anyinam street on the Accra-Kumasi stretch. Thus, you ‘kill two birds with one stone’ if you visit as a tourist.

The Tini Waterfalls flows beautifully over several rocks which shows a magnificent landscape prior to stirring things up around town. The Falls is said to be bigger than the Boti Water Falls, which is one more popular falls in Ghana.

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It falls at a level of 60m and is 7m wide. It has extremely slick and cold shining water, and believed to be among the biggest in Ghana, with regards to water volume and level.

The Discovery:

The discovery of the waterfalls is credited to a fetish priest. As indicated by one Opanyin Asamoa Bonti, who is an elder of Adasawase, that’s what he portrays; their predecessors used to inhabit Anwiam hundreds of years ago without water. Their quest for water drove them to the water falls. After their discovery, they chose to settle at the lower region of the water falls.

Tini Waterfalls, was given its name by the local people after the stream Tini. In a real sense Tini implies Stream in English (as in the water is flowing).The Tini Waterfalls has its source from waterway Tini, which also is the wellspring of drinking water in the village.

Coincidentally, a virgin forest, caves and rocks surround the waterfall which makes it so beautiful to explore. The forest is home to different species of birds, who welcome visitors with their melodious voice.

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