Ghana’s Virtual Music Concert Attracts Criticisms

During this time of COVID-19, practically all events have been required to be postponed especially that which joins more people gathering at a certain point.

Consequently, most countries are utilizing the power of technology to engage crowd locked at home.

Ghana recently joined the number of countries who have effectively sorted out their music concerts from home by means of Live videos.

After the show, some entertainment savants have opined that the motivation behind it was not accomplished, on the premise that, it should have preached about COVID-19 as well as Ghana’s COVID-19 App introduced by the legislature of Ghana to battle the infection.

Yet, as indicated by most pundits, from what happened at the virtual concert, it obviously did none of these. It was about the music without the import of the fundamental information to the people watching from home.

The V-C which featured music stars from various genres like Shatta Wale, Kuami Eugene, Dada KD, Great Ampong, Lucky Mensah, Kaakyire Kwame Appiah and some more, had many blemishes that could have been corrected even before the show took off.

Some say, some of the craftsmen did not have the certainty to do such a show, since that was their first time. Others additionally feel that, the show had no strategy and that, it would’ve been exceptional if a full number of the A-List Ghanaian Artists had been a part of the show.

Curiously, some have hit hard at the coordinators for choosing performers from a specific group of artists, which means the determination was politically inspired. As a matter of fact, being the first run through playing such show with no audience, it was quite challenging for a couple of the artists.

Obviously, a few A-List performers in the selection, splendidly demonstrated why they are rated high in Ghana. They did their very best as usual by commanding the stage.

According to most entertainment experts, the show was successful regarding equipment and stage Deco but the infinitesimal fundamental things were absent.

One other thing that got people talking was how, the artists were entrusted to play with no financial reward. However, yet it is asserted that about 90% of them were paid covertly, despite the fact that they have denied taking any reward.

By and large, the show was good yet as usual, pundits are consistently around to shape you up, should you veer off the right route.

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