Ghana’s Year Of Return Was The Biggest And Special Tourism Event In History

Ghana’s President Nana Akuffo-Addo (2nd From Right) with some guests from the diaspora

Ghana’s travel industry has for some years now, grown at a faster speed. Dismissing all of the challenges it confronted, Ghana’s tourism scooped ‘gold’ particularly in 2019, where the country hosted a large number of people from all over the world in – The Year of Return, coordinated by the President of the Republic, Nana Akuffo Addo and the Tourism Ministry.

This historic event dared to the furthest corners of the world, with CNN regardless, doing a beautiful news item on it. During the start of 2019, tons of global conspicuous personalities including showbiz icons made it to Ghana to search for their underlying roots.

The inspiration driving the Year Of Return Ghana 2019 was to invite all black race whose archetypes were from Africa, particularly Ghana. They were to drop and witness firsthand how their ancestors were badly treated, and furthermore look for their hidden roots, their genealogy and so on. Millions of people, especially African Americans made an excursion down to Ghana for this celebration.

Regardless, what set off the colossal interest to Ghana for the Year Of Return was where apparently, Ghana’s best rapper Sarkodie went onto the stage of the 2019 Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards subsequently to winning an award to officially invite all blacks to come down to Ghana for The Year Of Return 2019.

That moment when Sarkodie called on the diaspora to visit Ghana

Sarkodie sagaciously exploited from the opportunity before a crowd of people to express how it is basic to visit Ghana as one of the serene countries in the world and to commend the Year Of Return.

As if by charm, his declaration went down well, and during the event all through 2019, the quantity of people who visited Ghana was monstrous. There were numerous activities to check the year including music shows, Art shows, Afrochella, servitude cell visits and various other gatherings.

The whole event was continuously like a major celebration which includes various exquisite events. Beyonce, Cardi B, Jamie Foxx, Rick Ross, Steve Harvey and a couple of other showbiz superstars around the world visited Ghana. As per Statistics, this is one of the promoted and best event in history figured out by Ghana.

Heaps of money was also generated from here as all motels, bistros, taxi business and others were inside and out, saved early for this celebration. Furthermore, all fun related spots were totally filled as visitors were wherever inquisitive about extra information about the country and why their archetypes were mishandled that way.

According to the Ghana Tourism Authority, this is one of the best event held for so long a period in Ghana.

Ghana’s tourism industry was doing very well until the Year Of Return jumped up to seal everything for the country.

The Year Of Return has helped the economy in different manners, as a lot of these guests have one way or the other wrote down a story to tell out there. It’s no more news that Ghana is also probably the most amiable nation in the world, along these lines tourists who visited the country had a lovely stay devoid of any problem.

Ghana made more than US$3 billion From ‘The Year Of Return’ Tourism Initiative. The income were created from accommodation, food, shopping, local transport and entertainment. GHC 6 million was, in any case, used for promoting the Year of Return crusade all through the country, with the normal consumption per traveler being $2,391.

Ghana Reviews Its Culture Policy to Push National Growth

Before the end of 2019, the international arrivals arrived at 1.13 million from 956,372 in the year 2018 which was 27% growth which was over the average of 5%. The average consumption per tourist extended from $2,708 in 2018 to $2,931 in 2019. The receipts credited to the travel business is, thusly, $3.312 billion.

The extended number of pilgrims to Ghana insistently impacted five sector industries such as airlines, hotels, tour operators, restaurants, and arts and craft dealers and some more.

The government of Ghana introduced the Year of Return, which was generally based on asking African diasporans to settle in Ghana and invest on the continent.

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