Giovanni Caleb – The Media Personality With A Comic Innate

Giovanni Caleb

Giovanni is one of only a handful few media characters who put smiles on the faces of people through his comic relief when on air. In spite of the fact that, a couple of people think otherwise, Giovanni has a ‘Mr Bean’ attribute that makes him remarkable among numerous other radio and TV characters.

As a broadcaster who has been in the media space for quite a while, he has an extraordinary way of making you smile any time you watch or hear him out. Truth be told, Giovanni’s sensational work which is light and satirical in tone has defined him in a special way.

Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Jerry Seinfeld, Bernard Jeffrey “Bernie” McCullough and so forth are on the whole professional comics, who got going cooly before ‘exploding’ as huge global brands, and Caleb Elolo Adjomah famously known as Giovani Caleb is no exemption.

In spite of the fact that it isn’t certain whether he will sooner rather than later draw in himself with a stand-up satire, he appears as though he will one day do it. Giovanni can crack your ribs during your time of stress and despondency.

Obviously, he consistently plays out his normal obligations as a host of his Radio or TV programs, but note that, by the time you leave his platform, you may have been addicted to him after the interview.

Superstars Should Always Pull The Breaks!

The 32 year old has worked in the media space for quite a long time, and has been remarkable in his line of duties. Giovanni Caleb is a product of the University of Ghana who has a few programs on Media General’s platforms including – ‘Date Rush’ on TV3, the Drive time on 3 FM and ‘Showbiz 360’ on TV3.

The next time you see him on stand-up parody show, don’t be excessively astonished because, he may be led to the place one day.

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