GIPC Discusses Future Investments Into Ghana. Full Details Here

Ghana’s Ambassador to Brazil, H.E. Abena Busia and GIPC’s Marina Lamptey

The Ghana Investment Promotion Center (GIPC) Met with Ghana’s Ambassador to Brazil, H.E. Abena Busia, on December 19, 2022, to talk about the Diaspora population in Brazil and the potential for future investments in Ghana.

Marina Lamptey, an expert in international relations and an Executive Strategist, attended the meeting on behalf of GIPC. The Brazilian Embassy was able to provide input for a forthcoming Roadshow and other potential partnerships with the Diaspora at the meeting.

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Brazil is home to the biggest African populace in the Americas, subsequently this gathering was to raise potential organizations, with 56% of its populace being Afro-Brazilian.

Marina Lamptey

In contrast, Marina Lamptey is an expert in Diaspora Engagement and an experienced officer in International Relations. She is also an Executive Strategist. Marina is a fervent proponent of diplomacy and has a keen interest in international trade, investments, and human rights.

Marina has helped the diaspora community invest in Ghana over the years by facilitating and encouraging them. Her commitments to the GIPC has been incredible!.

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