GIPC’s New Aftercare Unit Office Is To Facilitate Investment And Partnerships

One of the primary responsibilities of the Ghana Investment Promotion Center (GIPC), which works to cultivate a palate for Ghana and encourage businesses to conduct business here, is the promotion of Ghanaian culture.

Ghana: The ‘Outstanding Africa Tourism Media & Marketing’ Country..

Having said that, investments to GIPC are more like a long-term partnership than a one-time event. Consequently, the Center has established an office to handle that.

The goal of the Aftercare unit is to make the investor experience even better. Through active participation in problem-solving at all levels, from the regulatory to the situational, its function is to assist with post-investment facilitation.

This action then makes it possible to inquire about investments in Ghana as well as any other issues related to Ghana, including tourism. For all the right answers and information regarding how to invest or set up a business in Ghana, you can now turn to the GIPC.

Few weeks ago, the outfit organized a beautiful annual festival designed to position Ghana as the preferred investment destination. Through art, music, food, fashion, and the everyday nuances of Ghanaian life, a show called “Taste of Ghana 3.0″ demonstrated the numerous facets of the Ghanaian lifestyle as well as viable investment options.

And, over time, the GIPC has helped facilitate international investments in Ghana and connected Ghanaian businesses to the rest of the world.

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