Global Sustainable Tourism: Sweden Ranked No. 1 In The World

Sweden has been positioned at the top of Euromonitor International’s Sustainable Travel Index, which has grouped 99 nations worldwide through the perspective of sustainable tourism.

Sweden’s rank comes up following the country’s conservation of the Arctic ice and permafrost that help stop environmental change, and furthermore extremely drew in with Sustainable Development Goals.

The Scandinavian country was followed by Finland, Austria, Estonia just as Norway, in light of the new report delivered by the free supplier of vital statistical surveying, Euromonitor International, and other reports.

The report shows that European nations have been positioned in the main 20 spots during the 2020s, Sustainable Travel Index’, which in addition to other things, considers ecological conditions and social effects on numerous nations.

Euromonitor International’s ranking was based on seven key factors of sustainable tourism:

Environmental sustainability

Social sustainability

Economic Sustainability


Sustainable demand

Sustainable transport

Sustainable lodging

In view of the Sustainable Travel Index, Bolivia and New Zealand, and Canada have shown progress in reasonable transport.

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The USA was ranked in the 35th spot, followed by the United Kingdom in 40th position, South Africa at 46th, and Japan at 53rd.

Euromonitor International created the Sustainable Travel Index to help travel organizations change “to a more practical and reason driven model,” as it will be fundamental later on.

Portugal has also been positioned among the European nations that help the joint work of the European Union Member States that mean to discover inventive, manageable approaches to restore the tourism sector in the European Union nations.

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