Golden Globes 2024: The Search For The ‘Outstanding’ Host Is Still Underway

The Golden Globes is not far from happening, but organizers are finding it difficult to get hosts for the event. As a matter of fact, it’s difficult for them to arrive on a ‘perfect’ person to host the Globes.

With Globe nominations being announced on Monday morning, a quest for the host is as yet in progress. Two-time Oscar host Chris Rock is among those who is said to have declined offers to host the January 7 function. A reliable source has revealed that without a doubt, four other Elite comedic entertainers are not prepared to host the big show.

Rock, who was also approached to host the previous Golden Globes, last went to a significant award show in 2022, when he was broadly slapped at the Oscars by Will Smith for making a wisecrack that referred to Jada Pinkett Smith’s fight with alopecia.

As an afterthought, Chris Rock will probably be nominated at the impending awards in the new category of Best Performance In Stand-up Comedy On Television for his Netflix special, “Chris Rock: Selective Outrage.”

Aside from Rock, one more potential nominee for her performance in the Netflix series “Beef,” Ali Wong, was also approached to host the Globes. The source revealed that Puck, Wong also declined the gig.

Will Arnett, Sean Hayes, and Jason Bateman, who co-host the podcast “SmartLess,” declined a joint offer to emcee the Golden Globes, according to the source.

If the triplet had said OK to host the Globes, it would have marked the first time the Globes had three hosts since Louis Gossett Jr., Leslie Nielsen and Jane Seymour co-helmed the show in 1993. A majority of the annual boozy dinner party’s 81 ceremonies have actually gone without a host, but the Globes seem to draw more chatter when they have hosts.

There’s little expectation Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, who co-hosted the Globes multiple times to basic recognition, would return. The two have recently guaranteed they’re finished with the gig. Meanwhile serious discussions are happening with likely host.

This Is Chris Rock’s First-ever Livestreamed Comedy Show

This year, the Globes moves to another transmission home at CBS. One potential result is, obviously, that CBS projects one of its own stars in the job for three hours of free promotion. It’s an approach NBC took several times as the previous broadcast home of the Globes, casting network comedic talent like Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers and Andy Samberg as hosts of the event. At ABC, network star Jimmy Kimmel will return to host the Oscars in March for his fourth time.

Talent turning down the job to host a major awards show is not unusual and certainly is not unique to the Globes. For an up-and-coming comedian, the gig may be the opportunity of a lifetime, but for a seasoned veteran, with all of the preparation and immediate – often negative – feedback, the juice is not worth the squeeze.

The Beverly Hilton ballroom may feature performances by potential nominees Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert DeNiro, Martin Scorsese, Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Meryl Streep, Selena Gomez, Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, Jennifer Aniston, and Quinta Brunson despite the uncertainty surrounding a host for the upcoming Golden Globes.

The Golden Globes will act as the opening shot to a jam-pressed award season in which the entertainment industry aims to bring glitz, glamour and celebration back to Hollywood after double strikes shut down most productions for much of 2023.

The Golden Globes will move from NBC to CBS this year after reform of the organization behind the event.

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