Google Downsize Hundreds Of Workers To Be More..

Google has laid off a few hundred jobs across the organization on Wednesday January 10 as it keeps on pushing for efficiency.

The cutbacks will affect employees in Google’s central engineering, hardware and Assistant teams, as well as workers across Google Assistant, its voice-activated software product. Other parts of the company were also affected.

The announcement denotes the most recent cost cutting efforts at Google as it attempts to get control over the sensational growth that occurred during the pandemic.

In January 2023, Google sliced its labor force by 12,000 individuals, or 6% of its full-time workers. Later in the year, the company made additional reductions to its news and recruiting divisions.

Google Refute Reports That They Have Easy Workloads

Google has also moved its concentration to focus on developments in areas like artificial intelligence, launching products like the chatbot Bard and the large language model Gemini as it races to keep up with competitors like Microsoft and Amazon.

According to a Google spokesperson, a number of Google teams made changes in the second half of 2023 to improve efficiency, work better, and align their resources with their top product priorities. A few groups are proceeding to make these sorts of hierarchical changes, which includes some job eliminations universally.

Google also made significant cuts to diversity, equity and inclusion programs last year in 2023. Meanhwile, the Alphabet Workers Union expressed disappointment about the latest round of layoffs at Google in a statement on X, formerly known as Twitter, late Wednesday, calling them “needless.”

Google workers Union group asserts that the company cannot continue to fire coworkers while making billions of dollars each quarter because their members and teammates put in a lot of effort every day to create great products for their customers.

“We won’t stop fighting until our jobs are safe!”

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