Google Launches A New Gmail Logo

Google has replaced its famous Gmail envelope logo with a new design that is much more with regards to other Google products. The new Gmail logo appears as though a M made out of Google’s center blue, red, yellow, and green brand tones.

It intently coordinates with comparable logos for Google itself, Google Maps, Google Photos, Chrome, and a lot more Google products. As at now, the envelope is no more- – gone until the end of time!

Google considered thoroughly dropping the M, but people associated with user research studies weren’t content with the changes.

The research in this manner helped Google understand that the envelope part of the Gmail logo was certainly not a basic plan component, permitting the group to try experiment with keeping the M and including Google’s customary colour palette.

The new Gmail logo actually feels predominately red, with a little bit of yellow and the blue and green holding up the curve of the M.

Contrasting it with Google’s other logos, it’s difficult to see the difference between them. Google has additionally patched up its Calendar, Docs, Meet, and Sheets logos to coordinate the new Gmail design.

The new logos are important for a more extensive patch up of Google’s G Suite programming, which has now been rebranded to Google Workspace.

Google is trying to consolidate Gmail, Chat, and Docs into a central location, to better compete with the integrated approach of Microsoft Office and specifically Outlook email.

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