Google Maintains The Policy Of Remote- Working Until July 2021

On Monday 27th, July, 2020, web crawler Google reported that, its employees will continue telecommuting until July 2021 due to the ‘conduct’ of the pandemic, coronavirus.

The announcement was made through email by the CEO of the parent organization Alphabet, Sundar Pichai. On behalf of Google, Pichai sent the declaration to every single employee of the organization.

Google intends to retain 200,000 full-time and contract employees working distantly until at any rate July 2021.

Google would be the first to stretch remote working into the middle of next year, in spite of the fact that, other organizations are additionally doing same by expansions.

The decision was taken after the CEO held an extensive meeting with top organization administrators, particularly for jobs that don’t need to be done in the office.

Google had initially announced plans to reopen a few of their workplaces for a predetermined number of workers beginning July 6th, but on second thought, have come back to physical offices discretionary.

Meanwhile, Facebook, Twitter, and Square have also announced plans to permit their employees to keep working remotely inconclusively.

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