Google Sued By The U.S. Department of Justice

Google has been slapped by a lawsuit by the U.S. Department of Justice. The latter is asserting that Google has abused an anti-trust laws. As per a complaint filed by the US Department of Justice in October 2020, the monster search engine provider engaged in illicit anticompetitive practices to secure its syndication in search and advertising.

However, Google has called the claim “questionable,” contending that, purchasers can undoubtedly switch to other tantamount services.

The lawsuit is a milestone case and can possibly shape competition in digital business sectors for quite a long time to come. The grievance made by the US Department Justice is wide and multi-dimensional, yet basically it comes down to the contention that through exclusionary arrangements and other practices, Google monopolized search access points and foreclosed competition on the general search and search advertising markets.

The last antitrust case of equivalent significance against a tech organization came in 1998, when Microsoft was accused of keeping customers from installing Netscape program on Windows PCs, prompting the monetary breakdown of its opponent.

While Microsoft avoided division into separate entities, it was forced to open its operating system to third-party software, a judgment that paved the way for the rise of other players in the digital space, including Google.

For Google, this case strikes at the core of the organization’s plan of action, and if they are successful, it will have significant ramifications for Google as well as for its adversaries and partners, including a portion of the world’s biggest cell phone producers.

Also, the decision by the court could reclassify how US courts see customer welfare in antitrust cases. A huge number of web clients over the globe could feel the impacts too.

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