Google Workers Are Not Happy With Management..

Google employees say, they’ve been getting a storm of Covid exposure notices since being approached to get back to the office physically. The workers are responding with images that contrast the distinction between the fervor of the board taking workers back to workplaces and the worry of seeing regular exposure warnings.

According to them, they get infections warnings springing up in their email inboxes consistently.

They are requesting that the organization drop its immunization command, contending that they are still restricted from face to face meetings while Covid cases happen routinely in workplaces with completely inoculated workers.

Google workers are getting regular notifications from the management of Covid-19 infections, making some people to question the organization’s re-visitation of office mandates.

The organization started asking most workers to get back to physical office no less than three days seven days back in April 2022. From that point forward, staff members have pushed back on the command after they worked productively for such a long time at home while the organization partook in a portion of its fastest revenue growth in 15 years.

Google has offered full-time workers the choice to demand long-lasting remote work, yet it’s hazy the number of laborers that have been supported. Google’s Covid-19 flare-up in Los Angeles is at present the biggest of any business in LA., as per the city’s general wellbeing dashboard.

In the statement of a representative for Google:

“There has not been a significant increase of onsite COVID-19 transmission on our campuses. The numbers that have been reported in Playa Vista and Venice reflect total cases over the last few months, not current or active cases.”

Staffers have been filling Memegen, an internal company image-sharing site, with memes about the increased number of exposure notifications they’re receiving. One meme, which was upvoted 2,840 times, showed a photo of an inbox with the email subject from a San Francisco-based facilities manager stating

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“We’re so excited to see you back in the office!” and a subsequent email subject line stating “Notification of Confirmed COVID-19 Case.”

Another meme with hundreds of upvotes said

“How it started” with an image of a rainbow arch followed by “How it’s going” and a wall of text saying “Notification of confirmed Covid-19 case.”

Some employees said they received a spike in notifications from the Mountain View, Calif. headquarters and in San Francisco offices after the company held a return-to-office celebration, where Grammy award-winning artist Lizzo performed for thousands of employees at the Shoreline Amphitheater, near Google’s main campus.

The spokesperson for Google also noted that the company follows methodology laid out by state and local laws in determining the definition of a Covid outbreak, and when to send exposure emails.

Last December, Google told employees that they must comply with vaccine policies or they’d face losing pay and then losing their job. Then in February, ahead of asking employees to come back, it relaxed rules around vaccines being a requirement for employment, as well as other rules around testing, social distancing and masks.

But it continued to require Covid-19 vaccination to enter physical offices.

Now, some Google employees are asking the company to drop the vaccine mandate, arguing Covid-19 outbreaks keep happening anyway in the offices where employees are fully vaccinated.

While it still provides a level of protection, the vaccines aren’t as strong against the highly transmissible BA.5 variant, the fastest-spreading variant of Covid-19 to date, the group argues in a manifesto called “No Vaccine Mandate”.

The anonymous manifesto says the group, which calls itself Googlers for No Vaccine Mandate, is frustrated that non-vaccinated employees and those who decline to declare their vaccination status are still banned from offices and other gatherings including off-sites, summits and team events.

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It also claims that some Google employees still haven’t met their teams since March 2020 and some were never notified of the vaccination policy during their hiring process.

“We’ve seen waves of Covid-particularly since December 2021 with Omicron and its sub variants spread through Google offices with little regard for vaccination status. We’ve seen many fully vaccinated and boosted colleagues call out sick for multiple days with Covid. We’ve seen both panics and good natured responses to the flood of exposure notifications received by officegoers.”

Other companies that once mandated Covid vaccination requirements have since dropped them, including Boeing, Intel, and United Airlines, citing a federal court’s decision to prohibit enforcement of the federal contractor executive order that required vaccination of large employers that are also government contractors. The group’s manifesto says it is hoping Google leadership does the same thing.

The group is largely anonymous, and they believe the company’s vaccine policy is an invasion of privacy and is insensitive to individual circumstances and risk factors.

“We’re writing to ask for your help for a group of Googlers who still aren’t allowed back to our offices,” the memo states. “We are reaching out to you as colleagues and peers because our direct appeals to Google leadership have been ignored. When planning an in-person meeting, summit or offsite, think about how Googlers who are barred from full participation by the vaccine policy can be acknowledged and included.”

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