Government Of Ghana To Support Private Schools With A Stimulus Package

The government of Ghana has vowed to help every institution including private school in the country, since they appear to have been confronting a great deal of difficulties during this pandemic period. At this point, everybody knows about the harm the pandemic, Coronavirus has caused to all institutions around the globe including schools.

Private schools in Ghana have had a nibble of the pandemic as they have been shut down for almost two months. Running a non-public school is very not the same as a public one, as the latter is constantly upheld by the government of Ghana under the Ministry of Education.

During this lockdown, the impact on the private schools have been monstrous as there are no funds to deal with the administration of the school, even as they are still at home. Teachers would need to be paid, operational expenses would likewise have to be thought about, in addition to different costs.

All these monies are created from the tuition fees paid by wards, along these lines without them, every single operational action of the school are required to be halted. The Private Schools have in this way approached the government to come to their aid.

Answering to the call of the non-public schools, the government says, it is almost complete with each process to go to their help with a stimulus package funding, since private schools in Ghana have also helped in the quality education of wards.

In the relatively recent past, the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo announced an extraordinary monetary bundle (stimulus package) for organizations who are ‘enduring’ during this lockdown season.

Government is doing everything it can to help all tenable and authorized organizations remain on their feet.

The stimulus package is a fund given to businesses to spend in critical projects that will help in reviving their operations. It is not free money to be spent on unplanned projects. It is to fund Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to mitigate the negative impact of the novel coronavirus.

Businesses who will benefit from the fund need to work and plan within the limit of their cash flow, so that they can repay later, since this is an emergency fund and one of the major interventions to support small businesses in this pandemic season.

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