Grace Omaboe Was Without Doubt, One Of The Best In Her Era

Grace Omaboe

For many people, Grace Omaboe was one of only a handful of entertainers who was extremely natural in her conveyance on the screen. She went about as though there was no ‘machines’ on her. In fact, the TV character is exceptionally gifted in each field she digs into. At a point, she was a music vocalist, author and a politician.

Hang on there!!, because for politics, she has regretted getting into it. Her reason is onefold: Politics is about lies, there is no honesty in that ‘game’, and that when she participated in the year 2000 to 2004, she didn’t know until she realised it after some time. She recollects the horrible experience she passed through all for the sake of political issues, especially this part of the world, Africa.

Classy Grace Omaboe has been a screen goddess since the 1970s when she used to compose for a famous local TV program in Ghana: “Osofo Dadzie” (Pastor Dadzie). Her writing aptitudes and stories was acceptable to the point that, she was drawn nearer by the then producer of the show to take up roles on another show which was additionally co-created by the two, ‘Keteke‘.

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The 75 year old performer at that point took up jobs in the ‘Keteke’ week by week program – and that was the start of her journey to fame. During the 1980s and 1990s she was one of the most sizzling entertainers who featured in and coproduced another most starred life-lessons TV program, OBRA (Life) on Ghana’s owned television station, GTV.

These projects, ‘Osofo Dadzie’ and ‘OBRA’ were the two most well known week by week TV programs that pulled in basically everybody in the country due to the lessons and funnies in them.

Every one of the entertainers, including Super OD, Bee Kissi, Fred Addae, Kwadwo Kwakye, Lily, S.K Oppong and a few other splendid on-screen characters made the show the best among the best. At that era, when it was the ideal time for the show, everybody was longing for to draw nearer to their TV sets to appreciate the acting abilities of these mentioned on-screen characters.

Grace Omaboe who was one of the producers of the two shows, needed to proceed onward to feature in many other Ghanaian motion pictures both in Akan and English dialects including – By The Fire Side, Kweku Ananse, Children of the Mountain and numerous others.

She has featured in such huge numbers of uncountable movies including ‘I Surrender, P over D, Children of The Mountain, Amerikafo, Matters of the Heart, John and John, Crossfire, Sacrifice, Expectations and some more.

Grace Omaboe displaying her acting skills in a movie

As a film maker with loads of knack and aptitude, she was chosen by the leading body of Golden Movie Awards Africa to head the group as a President in 2017.

Grace Omaboe whose stage name was ‘Maame Dokono’ (Madam Kenkey) has six kids and runs a school, Graceful Grace School in Accra besides other businesses of her own.

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