Greatest Songwriter Of All Time: Bob Dylan Still Has That Specialty

Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Chuck Berry, and several others have been named as America’s greatest songwriters, but singer Bob Dylan actually has the lead as the best among every one of them, taking everything into account.

The rock hotshot have ruled since 1941 to the present, making him a unimaginable artiste. Regardless of the fact that, America’s Rolling Stone magazine and various others have published their own Greatest Songwriters Of All Time, which is based on music pundits, Bob Dylan actually came tall.

The legend has since these number of years been marvelous and has substantiated himself as an incredible talent, and one of the world’s best in songwriting. Dylan has written award winning tunes for huge loads of top performers including: Cher, Jimi Hendrix, My Chemical Romance, and Adele, Johnny Cash, U2, The Byrds, The Secret Sisters, Joan Baez, Louisa Johnson, among others.

Being perhaps the most popular songwriter of his time, he has had numerous other artists cover his music since. And these include Cher, Jimi Hendrix, My Chemical Romance, and Adele, among others.


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Bob Dylan has written in excess of 600 songs for 58- years, and with a Nobel Prize. The social and economic value of Dylan’s songwriting corpus have both developed dramatically.

Meanwhile, Bob Dylan is still active and playing live in shows, playing out a blend of famous hits, profound cuts, and uncommon covers!

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