Greece Experience The Most Significant Rise In Tourist Numbers

Greece has surpassed 2019 levels as far as tourism revenue is concerned, coming to over €20 billion during the first eleven months of 2023.

The most significant rise in travel receipts and visitor numbers from Germany and the UK occurred in the country.

Greek authorities have as of late introduced a climate tax on facilities in view of the rating of the establishments.

The Bank of Greece revealed that travel receipts reached €20.115 billion between January and November of the previous year.

The figure denotes a 15.4 percent increase contrasted with 2022 and a ten percent increment compared to 2019, the pre-pandemic year, as per

In 2022, travel receipts added up to almost €17.7 billion, though in 2019 it came to about €18.2 billion.

This development was caused by an increase in receipts from residents outside the EU27 of 18.4% to €8,419.4 million and an increase in receipts from residents within the EU27 of 11% to €10,997.2 million, respectively.

Among EU27 nations, Germany topped the list, with receipts coming to €3.51 billion, followed closely by France with €1.41 billion. Receipts from the two nations increased contrasted with last year by 8.7 percent and 11.6 percent, respectively.

Meanwhile, receipts from the United Kingdom reached €3.32 billion, representing a 6% increase between non-EU27 countries. The United States contributed 1.34 billion dollars, an increase of 15.1%.

However, Russia’s contribution to Greece’s tourism declined by 22.8%, reaching €31.4 million.

Notwithstanding revenues, during the 11 months of 2023, Greece saw a 17.3 percent increment in inbound travelers compared to 2022.

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The Bank of Greece reported that the number of travelers using airports increased by 12.5%, while the number of travelers using road border crossing points increased by 34.5%.

The number of travelers from within the EU27 increased by 15% during the period under review, reaching 19,285.5 thousand, while the number of travelers from outside the EU27 increased by 20.9 percent, reaching 12,684.2 thousand.

Most of vacationers that visited Greece during the initial 11 months of 2023 were from Germany (+ 8.7 percent), France (four percent), the UK (2.9 percent) and the US (31.3 percent).

The number of sightseers from Russia visiting Greece reduced by 5.9 percent.

By and large, Greek authorities have revealed higher figures all through 2023, suggesting the nation is returning and, surprisingly, surpassing the pre-pandemic levels. Notwithstanding this new record in revenue, Greece had proactively outperformed 2019 levels last month, as declared by the Bank of Greece.

Moreover, Athens Airport welcomed over 28 million travellers last year, marking a nearly ten per cent increase compared to 2019 levels.

Greece has recently implemented a climate tax on accommodations based on the rating of the establishments. Through this tax, the government aims to raise funds in a bid to support reconstruction efforts and enhance climate resilience.

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