GTA Is Calling For This Year’s ‘December In GH’ Entries

On Monday March 25, 2024, The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) and the ‘Beyond the Return’ Secretariat, announced a call for entries for event organizers and promoters to present their proposition for consideration in the schedule of events for the ‘December in GH’ campaign for 2024.

This year marks the sixth edition of the campaign. The announcement comes sooner than earlier years as the GTA and event organizers expect an increase in visitors to Ghana during the Christmas season.

The call for entries will permit guests or visitors sufficient time to plan their journey and to arrange the activities and festivals they wish to celebrate for their schedules for December 2024.

Since 2019, Ghana has driven the charge in changing the story about the African experience and has set the country as the top place to have fun on the continent through ‘December in GH’ and ‘Beyond the Return’ drives.

‘December in GH’ has been areas of strength for the tourism industry, economic effect, and marking Ghana as the “Centre of the World”.

‘December in GH’ is coordinated by the Ghana Tourism Authority and the Beyond the Return (BTR) Secretariat under the auspices of the National Steering Committee.

Coordinators are inviting all interested event organisers seeking to have their programs endorsed as an official event for December in GH to submit a formal proposal to the team.

Proposals ought to be for events happening from November 15, 2024 through January 15, 2025. The authority is empowering event coordinators to come up with events that would unite the worldwide African diaspora, continent Africans, and the local Ghanaian group.

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Ghana has seen huge growth in tourism, overcoming any barrier among Ghana and the authentic diaspora, and uniting Africans due to the ‘Beyond the Return.” This is the sixth year of ‘December in GH’ and coordinators tries to work with event planners and key partners for a successful event.

All proposals should be submitted before Tuesday, April 30, 2024, using the official form through this link: December in GH entry forms.

The form can also be seen on the ‘Beyond the Return’ site at: Beyond the Return

‘Beyond the Return’ is a ten-year drive with the theme ’10 years of African Renaissance’, and, an underpinning of seven points of support. Every support point is significant in the campaign with commitment with the African diaspora, Africans and Ghanaians.

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