Gucci Is Out With A Beautiful Grip Watch

Gucci has unveiled a gunmetal dim adaptation of its Grip watch; the first-ever time watch to be created by Alessandro Michele.

The Grip watch draws direct impact from skateboards, as the logo-engraved face of this dark Grip watch is intended to copy the sticky tape found on sheets.

The outfit has engraved its signature “GG” logo into the face, which sits nearby three windows that read the hour, minute and date. The “GG” carving proceeds with all around the band, and can even be found on the rear of the watch’s case.

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Balancing the new Gucci Grip is its packaging, which is solely intended for this constrained release gunmetal dim cycle.

The crate includes a weaved flower board on the front, which opens up to introduce the ’70s-propelled watch on an emerald green velour pad.

The Gucci Grip is currently available to be purchased.

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