Harry King Abban Drops An Outstanding New Tune ‘Otilo’

Highlife genius Harry King Abban is out with a new EP ‘Otilo‘. The singer -songwriter and producer who has been in the music business for quite a long time, is one of a handful of performers who has clutched the Highlife music to date.

Produced by K Mens, ‘Otilo’ is a song making an impression on every single person who finds himself in a harmful or violent marriage to rapidly back out before the most obviously terrible occurs.

Explaining further, the mind blowing performer said, many people are going through a ton of issues in their relationships that in the end, lead to abuse, suicide and physical attacks. Thus, ‘Otilo’ is encouraging such individuals to actually reconsider before something terrible happens.

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Under the label Big King Records, the Song Listening was held on Wednesday September 27, with several of the media guys in Ghana attending. ‘ Otilo’ has every one of the attributes of a quality highlife tune that has in fact, always been a brand of King Abban.

Over the years, he has produced great tunes including ‘Eso Na Eye’, May3 Krado, Sweet and numerous others. Moreover, he has also done same for other artists. The ‘May3 Krado’ hitmaker has never relaxed on good songs, particularly having gained tons of useful knowledge from his senior colleagues like Daddy Lumba (DL) and co., who he describes as ‘Unique’.

As a matter of fact, in a recent interview, King Abban hailed DL as a mind boggling artist, who was also portrayed by the late renowned music producer Bodo Staiger as a One of a kind singer. ‘Otilo’ is a Single song from his impending album which has 10 tracks. Harry King Abban is one of Ghana’s best vocalists with heaps of fine tunes coming up soon.

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