Has Prayers Failed Tanzania In The Fight Against Covid-19? Late President Magafuli Blamed

Late President John Magafuli, Tanzania

Tanzania President John Magafuli has passed on, yet the questions associated with his demise is what is getting out and about. Magafuli was said to have passed on from cardiovascular breakdown on Wednesday March 17, which he evidently fought for over 10 years.

A new President, Samia Suluhu Hassan who has been sworn in has immediately started from where Magafuli left off. She becomes the first female President of the country.

Strangely, Tundu Lissu, of the Chadema opposition say Magufuli passed on of Covid-19 a week ago. As indicated by Lissu, dependable government sources say the President passed on of Covid-19, in this way on hearing the information on his death, it was to be expected.

Tundu Lissu claims he had reliable information from truly solid sources in the government that the president was seriously sick with Covid-19 and his case was in reality very bad.

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Magufuli who was most recently seen in public on February 27, was Tanzania’s fifth president and part of the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) party that has administered the country since independence in 1961.

Meanwhile, Magafuli was said to have denied all Covid-19 measures. The country’s last reported figures of 509 cases and 21 deaths were in April a year ago. Magufuli suspended nationwide tracking of Covid cases – accusing the country’s infection cost for flawed test units.

Magufuli made no offers for Covid antibodies as he scrutinized its security and rather advanced the utilization of prayers, natural medicines and steam inward breath to battle the infection.

In fact, Magufuli never showed up in the public eye in a mask. He just put stock in Prayers. And that didn’t propel Tanzanians to also observe any safety protocol to stop the spread of the infection.

Absence of enough information about Covid-19 in Tanzania has made it exceptionally hard for medical health laborers and citizens to understand what the real situation on the grounds is.

In May 2020, Magafuli asserted that non-human examples which were haphazardly gathered from a pawpaw, a goat, and sheep – using imported Covid-19 test packs – returned positive test results for the infection when shipped off the nation’s lab, whose controllers were allegedly uninformed of the source of the samples.

Magufuli was sincerely religious and an out of control Covid-19 denier who more than once made light of the seriousness of Covid-19 in Tanzania, while declaring the country free from the virus last June after three days of mass prayers.

He refused to close churches, called on citizens to join more mass prayer days and described the virus as “satanic.”

Several groups of people have passed on from Covid-19 in Tanzania following the awful reaction to the contamination by the late President.

Some members of the Catholic church had breathing complications and died out of that. In fact, 25 priests and 60 nuns… have all died due to breathing challenges.

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