Have You Been To The Beautiful Melania Tower?

There are several well known towers all over the world, yet Melania tower is also one of them that should be visited for many reasons. Without uncertainty, it’s one of the visited towers the world over, which draws in huge number of people to have a perspective on this delightful Hybrid structure in Erbil, Kurdistan Region in Iraq.

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The unique style and design of the building is irresistible to the point that, none can sidestep it without turning an eye. The engineering which was planned by Mohammed Hussen, a concept creator, has its height being 140 meters.

Taking a look at Melania, one would obviously ponder or ask one question. What went into this eye-discovering building? Rhinoceros 3D, Lumion, Adobe Photoshop are the tools user in setting up this pinnacle in 2021, with the site region being 3000 m²

Melania Tower is a hybrid building that includes a shopping mall, offices and luxury hotel apartments, estab- lished on the front of an artificial lake in Erbil, Iraq, with an organic structure.

The tower aims to be one of the high-class tourist attractions in Iraq and a landmark, which is helped by the formation of the organic facade based on beautiful fludity curves that leave an unforgettable trace in the memory of the beholder.

The functions of the floors in the tower range from the basement floors (4 floors), which will be used as a garage, followed by five floors for the shopping center, then 10 floors of offices and 20 floors as a hotel, an end with a 360-degree panoramic restaurant overlooking all the landscapes in the area.

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