Have You Watched The Beautiful Golden Ladies Band Perform? See Why You Should

Ewurama Begyina is one of the fine lead vocalists

Music recuperates the spirit, soothens the mind, as well as gives the vital ‘ingredients’ the soul needs.

Many people pay critical attention to music on account of its magnum opus, but the reality is that, it goes beyond that. On that account, people from different backgrounds are associated with music without a doubt.

Regardless of whatever work you find yourself in, when you’re talented in music, it obviously becomes your passion. This is the case of Ghana’s all-female music band- – The Golden Ladies.

Led by Lance Corporal Ewurama Begyina, the band is at present, one of the fastest rising music group that plays in an all police uniform at any occasion.

They are law makers, yet their drive for music is simply inconceivable, thusly have demonstrated why they are good at singing and fulfilling people, regardless of the event.

‘Golden Ladies’ are so talented to such an extent that, practically all the bands women have their exceptional strength that signs up to make the band a special one.


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The National police service in Ghana have their own special band that show up any time there is an occasion for the State or a work colleague.

However, the Golden Ladies band is not associated in any way – making it a private band that has its own clout other than the State’s own.

They engage people at all occasions with their mind boggling performance. As an all-female police band, they generally grab the eye of many music lovers during performances.

And in fact, that has helped them in many ways. They always do their ‘thing’ stupendously to the delight of live band aficionados, especially when in their beautiful police outfits.

Golden Ladies come from Kumasi in the Ashanti region- Ghana, and has graced numerous occasions in the locale, making them one of the famous bands.

This group of beautiful women are doing all they can to be named among outstanding female music bands in Ghana and even beyond.

Obviously, that would be on the grounds that, they get help in any form, especially financially from the corporate world or even people who are so fixated on their performance.

The Golden Ladies are here for the long haul, and to make good music to the world. They are here for an intriguing execution besides their core aim.

Meanwhile, one of the lead vocalist of the band, Ewurama Begyina has exclusively released four (4) singles on her own, along with two music videos.

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