Health Workers In Colombia To Resign?

Colombia President, Ivan Duque is confronted with the choice of lifting the restrictions on certain Colombians during this coronavirus pandemic.

The President is planning of lifting all restrictions on right around 33% of Colombians but a portion of the country’s doctors and medical attendants are also considering resigning from their posts.

On Tuesday, fifth May, 2020, President Duque said he will evacuate the restrictions on more areas of the economy to the lose faith in regards to the Colombian Medical Federation (FMC) and other specialists.

The evacuation of the lockdown which would start on the twelfth of May, 2020, would apply to 15 million individuals of Colombia’s populace.

Notwithstanding, some people have questioned why President Duque couldn’t in any way, protect a lion’s share of social health care laborers who don’t have personal protection equipment (PPEs), thus are compelled to purchase their very own protection gears.

President Ivan Duque, Colombia

Reports shows that, insurance agencies who were requested to give PPEs to emergency clinic laborers by the Health Minister Fernando Ruiz never did as such. And this has brought up numerous issues with respect to who is carrying out his responsibility right and who isn’t.

The President has however settled on a hazardous choice, ie. to expel lockdown restrictions and to discover approaches to address the issues of healthcare laborers. Clearly, due to every one of these issues, there is no data to show that the pandemic has eased back down in Colombia or not.

President Duque is eager to lift practically all restrictions, since local authorities don’t have the way to test for coronavirus not to mention treat potential flare-ups.

Meanwhile, people are of the view that, in the event that, it occurs, at that point there is the chance of causing a bounce back in deaths in Colombia.

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