Her Adroitness On The Screens Makes Her The Most Attractive Actress In China

Zhao Liying

Chinese entertainer Zhao Liying who is otherwise called Zanilia Zhao is ostensibly the most alluring on-screen actress. The 33-year old has played roles in many movies which includes several other popular TV series: Legend of Lu Zhen (2013), Boss & Me (2014), The Journey of Flower (2015), The Mystic Nine (2016), Noble Aspirations (2016), Princess Agents (2017), The Story of Minglan (2018), and Legend of Fei (2020), and numerous others.

Zhao who studied at the Langfang School of Electronic Information Engineering in China, has actively been an actress since 2006 to date. She has had the passion to be an actress thus, set aside effort to go through the positions to be extraordinary entertainer compared to other screen goddess in China.

Born in a village, Zhao experienced rustic life that reinforced her solid will and gave her a firm and constant character. Her tenacious quest for dreams, steadiness and endurance has indeed played a significant role in her career.

Getting into acting, Zhao previously partook in the Yahoo Search Star Game and ultimately became the winner in 2006. She at that point, endorsed with Huayi Brothers as a new talent. The following year (2007), Zhao made her acting introduction in the family show ‘Golden Marriage’ directed by Zheng Xiaolong.

In 2009, Zhao took on her first historical drama role in The Firmament of The Pleiades. The series was broadcast on Japanese channel NHK and earned critical acclaim. Zhao received the Most Popular Actress award at the Chinese Creative Short Video Awards.

A year later, Zhao started acquiring acknowledgment from terrain crowds subsequent to featuring in ‘The Dream of Red Mansions’ (2010), a movie based on the novel of the same name by Cao Xueqin. In 2011, Zhao’s popularity rose following her role as Princess Qing’er in ‘New My Fair Princess’.

In 2013, the lovely entertainer also featured in historical drama Legend of Lu Zhen, playing an ordinary girl who worked her way up to become the first female prime minister. The drama was a hit domestically, and also overseas in South Korea and Japan, leading to increased recognition for Zhao in the district.

Zhao won a few rookie and prominent awards at local award ceremonies. That same year, she starred in historical romance film Palace: Lock Sinensis, the fourth and final installment of the Gong series by Yu Zheng. Opposite to her usual sweet and nice image, Zhao plays a plotting and evil princess in the film.

The fact is, she has featured in numerous movies, which prompted her being delegated the “Golden Eagle Goddess” at the 10th China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival, where she also performed as the opening act to the function. In the wake of winning this honor, she has proceeded to win many other uncountable awards including:

Best Actress at the 28th China TV Golden Eagle Award, named at the Magnolia Award for Best Actress in a Television Series, and numerous others. She has without a doubt won huge loads of them, making her the most pursued and attractive actress in China and in the world. She was also named as the tourism ambassador of Hebei.


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Because of her long list of accomplishments, Zhao has heaps of ambassadorial deals under her sleeve including one of biggest fashion brands Dior.

In 2015, Zhao starred in xianxia romance drama The Journey of Flower. The drama was a huge success in China, achieving a peak rating of 3.89 and also became the first Chinese drama to surpass 20 billion online views. In fact, Zhao amongst few most popular screen goddesses in China.

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