The Dad Was Murdered In front Of Her, But Nkulee Is Now A Successful Artist..

Nkulee Dube

It was an extremely shocking and miserable day when news broke out that South African Reggae Super Star, Lucky Dube has died. The world was overtaken that evening as most people thought it was a hoax.

The South African reggae performer and Rastafarian was killed in Johannesburg, a suburb of Rosettenville by certain aggressors on the 18th of October, 2007 when he was driving his Chrysler 300C.

According to Police reports, Dube was shot dead via carjackers who didn’t recognize him and thought that he was a Nigerian. Hurriedly, five men were arrested in connection with the homicide.

Three of them were tried at the law court and found guilty on 31 March 2009. Before his demise, the Reggae star recorded 22 collections in Zulu, English and Afrikaans in a 25-year time span and was South Africa’s best and greatest selling reggae craftsman.

After his burial in October 28, 2007, numerous Reggae devotees were shattered because of the fact that, it will be difficult for them to have such an extraordinary talent like Lucky Dube. In spite of the fact that his heritage still lives on, his 27 year old daughter additionally wore the ‘shoes’ of his dad, trying to push that legacy his father left behind.

Nkulee is following the path of her Dad

Nkulee Dube, has up until now, figured out how to combine ethno-soul, jazz with ragga in the entirety of her melodies. Despite the fact that her dad’s legacy pressures her, she has been able to stand tall in the dad’s space.

Nkulee Dube witness the horrifying murder of her father in the vehicle. She has since been traumatized by the occurrence but with the assistance of therapists, Nkulee Dube has gotten over it and doing very well in the music business.

She released her first album ‘My Way’ and has unimaginably churned out other beautiful tunes. Her noteworthy stage presence looks almost like that of her father, as she has a style called Ethno Ragga.

Beginning her music career, Nkulee Dube wanted to sing but she was extremely shy of her voice. After some years, she at that point turned out to be entirely comfortable with her voice in front of an audience and before a large people.

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Nkulee Dube has worked with other top Reggae acts including Silly Walks from (Hamburg), Germany. Indeed, she is encircled by other incredible performers. Nkulee Dube grew up with jazz– in fact , a great deal of jazz. her Mom adored jazz — the old ones from the fifties, therefore grew with it. At the time, it was considered as the Blues.

Inspired by the Morgan Heritage band, Nkulee is so fixated on Gramps Morgan’s voice, who waa in the group. She writes her songs dependent on beats she tunes in to, and tries to make something from the beats. She has played out all over world (the US, Europe and so on.)

Concerning her dad’s tunes, Nkulee Dube’s most loved was- – “Baby don’t cry/I am going round the world/spreading the message/I am going round the world…”

Nkulee Dube has several reggae tunes to her credit including – Give It To Me, Back To My Roots, Love The Way, I Am A Woman, Hemp, Something and so on.

She has also performed on enormous stages like Reggae Jam Festival 2018, Rototom Sunsplash 2019 and numerous others.

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