Highland Games: Prince Charles Will Now Represent The Queen

Queen Elizabeth II will skirt the Braemar Gathering, a famous Highland Games occasion, as she battles with issues getting around.

The 96-year-old ruler initially chose to officially delegate Britain’s new prime minister at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, where she is traveling, as opposed to getting back to London for the traditional ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

Meanwhile, the Queen’s oldest child and main beneficiary Prince Charles, who ordinarily goes with the ruler to the social event, will attend the event. As indicated by the British media, the decision was made for the comfort of the monarch, who has struggled with what the palace describes as “mobility issues’’ since last year.

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Queen Elizabeth II has spent a significant part of over two years at Windsor Castle, west of London, where she took asylum during the pandemic. She has continued to work all through this period, despite the fact that, the majority of her assignments have been done for all intents and purposes, including meetings with ambassadors, health workers and schoolchildren.

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