Highlife Legend Oheneba Kissi Still Maintains His Status As One Of The Best

Oheneba Kissi

Without Oheneba Kissi contribution, Highlife music made in Ghana wouldn’t have been consistent and applicable in the world, particularly Africa. Yes, the singer and songwriter isn’t the only one in particular who forcefully advanced the genre during the 1980s down to 2000, but he remains one of the ‘pillars’ who broadly spread the word about this genre up until this date.

The accountant and musician has for all these number of years created incredible, moving, and life-changing melodies to the delight of numerous people. His refined voice characterizes him as a super-talent, and has worked with the best of producers you can find including the late Bodo Staeiger.

But for some of these fine highlife stars like Oheneba Kissi himself, highlife wouldn’t have been popular. He and several others like Thomas Frimpong, AB Crenstil, Nana Kwame Ampadu, Senior Eddie Donkor, Paapa Yankson, Pat Thomas, Akwasi Ampofo Agyei, Rex Gyamfi, George Darko, Alex Konadu, Daddy Lumba, Kojo Antwi, and several others, have played a significant role in the advancement of this genre of music. Today, Highlife has gone global.


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Oheneba Kissi has all these melodies to his credit, and they include — Kabibi Kyere me, Yenfa Odo, Adom Nyame, Mante Wo Nka, Fre No Ma Me, Wogya Me Ho A, Asem Ben, ABC Of Love, Ateaa, Kaa Tse Ntsuii, Kyere Me and many others.

And every one of these songs is well produced to the degree that, to date they are pleasing to the ear, thus are being played and enjoyed by people. Oheneba Kissi doesn’t just compose melodies, but he is very particular about the quality of tunes he always churns out.

For decades, Oheneba Kissi has engaged the world with his glimmering Love and Life tunes that changes, rouses and mentors people about our existence. He has never disappointed fans, any time he is allowed the opportunity to demonstrate his ‘powers’ with regards to singing.


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Quite recently, he was invited to one of the biggest entertainment shows in Ghana (United Showbiz), and within the interview, he was offered the chance to show the world what he has got. And surely, the internet was ‘ablaze’, as he proved beyond doubt, why he is a Highlife ace.

He played most of his back-to-back tunes of bygone eras, and he was essentially awesome with no hitch at all. Fans online went off the deep end, praising him for his authentic performance.

Without a doubt, singing is Oheneba Kissi and Oheneba Kissi is singing!!

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