Historically, This Is Ghana’s Biggest Tourism Event

For some few years now, Ghana’s tourism industry has developed to a level where the country has for since a long time ago wished for. Disregarding every one of the challenges, Ghana saw ‘gold’ especially in 2019 where there was an announcement of The Year of Return by the President of the Republic, Nana Akuffo Addo.

This public declaration ventured to the far corners of the world with various TV networks including CNN making news out of it. During the beginning of the year, a few international conspicuous personalities including showbiz icons made it to Ghana to search for their underlying roots.

The motivation behind the Year Of Return Ghana 2019 was to welcome all black race whose predecessors were from here in Africa especially Ghana. They were to descend and see with their own eyes how their people (families and relatives) were badly treated and also search for their underlying roots, their lineage and others. Yes, as spoken about above, a couple of black race started making a trip down to Ghana for this exciting festival.

In any case, what set off the monstrous participation to Ghana for the Year Of Return was the point at which ostensibly, Ghana’s best rapper Sarkodie went onto the stage of the 2019 Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards subsequent to winning an honor to officially invite all black race to come down to Ghana for The Year Of Return 2019.

Sarkodie smartly took advantage from the opportunity in front of an audience to articulate how it is imperative to visit Ghana as one of the serene countries in the world and to celebrate the Year Of Return.

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As though by enchantment, his proclamation went down well and during the festival all through 2019, the number of people who visited Ghana was incredible. There were many activities to mark the year including music shows, Art displays, Afrochella, slavery cell visits and numerous other meetings.

The entire event was progressively similar to a big festival which involves numerous lovely occasions. Beyonce, Cardi B, Jamie Foxx, Rick Ross, Steve Harvey and a few other showbiz hotshots around the globe visited Ghana. As indicated by Statistics, this is one of the promoted and best occasion sorted out by the country.

Loads of revenue was also generated from here as all hotels, cafés, taxi business and others were altogether reserved ahead of time for this festival.

All fun related spots were completely filled as guests were everywhere asking additional information about the country and why their predecessors were dealt with that way. As per the Ghana Tourism Authority, this is one of the greatest events held for such a long time a period in Ghana.

Ghana’s tourism industry was doing very well until the ongoing Year Of Return sprung up to seal everything for the country. The Year Of Return has helped the economy in various ways, as a great deal of these visitors have one way or the other, penned down a story to tell out there.

It’s no more news that Ghana is additionally one of the friendly countries in the world, therefore sightseers who visited the country had a pleasant stay.

More vacationers of the black race are relied upon to visit and seek for their underlying roots, where they come from and so many others.

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