Hollywood’s Long Strike Is Over. They Receive Great Praise From Obama

Michelle and Barrack Obama

Former President Barrack Obama has praised the end of the Hollywood strikes in an unexpected appearance at a screening of the Netflix biopic “Rustin.”

The screening of their film was held in the Oprah Winfrey National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., on the premiere night of the Historically Black College and University First Look Film Festival.

“It’s great to see even more of you since the strikes are over,” Obama told the crowd full of students from Morgan State University, Bowie State University and Howard University”

The president’s former National Security Advisor Susan Rice and current White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre were also in participation.

The occasion commended the end of the Hollywood strike. Actors and writers reached a deal with the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists recently following a six-months drawn out strike.

In excess of 60,000 SAF-AFTRA members protested on July 14 and joined screenwriters who had been protesting a very long time previously. This was the first time the groups had been protesting since the 1960s.

Workers agreed on a three-year contract with the union valued at over a billion bucks. It includes boosts to least wages paid to actors and a more noteworthy portion of streaming income going to actors. It boosts benefit plans and protections against artificial intelligence.

Entertainment Strike: “This Is Not A Ploy For Big Name Stars To Make More Money

Unintentionally, Malia Obama, the oldest daughter of the former president, is a screenwriter and a director. She’s known for her work on the short “The Heart” and the TV series “Swarm“.

“As somebody who cares a lot about the power of workers in this country and as the father of somebody who writes in film, I am glad that both the actors and the writers came to an agreement that recognizes their worth and their work,” Obama said.

The Former First Woman Michelle Obama also had something to say at the event, where she focused on the significance of civil rights leaders, who are represented in the film.

The movie ‘Rustin‘ sets the stage for the March on Washington, Michelle Obama told the crowd. It’s the latest film from the Obamas’ company Higher Ground Productions.

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