Honda Ushers In A New Era Of Electrification For Its Acura Cars

Acura is moving quickly toward an electrified future, building on a legacy of performance-focused engineering and cutting-edge design.

The Precision EV Concept is made with a visceral drive in mind in every way. Performance is implied by the aggressive stance, and the electric powertrain provides new levels of excitement at every turn.

Every aspect of the Precision EV Concept, including the illuminated evolution of the Diamond Pentagon Grille, brings a contemporary expression of performance to life.

The striking “Particle Glitch” lighting detail also appears on the spokes of the bold 23-inch wheels, and new lighting highlights the front and rear. Dramatic in every way is the smooth, dynamic design.

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The Precision EV Concept is made with a visceral drive in mind in every way. The aggressive stance of the wide body and wheels allude to performance, and the electric powertrain delivers new levels of excitement at every turn, all encased in head-turning Double Apex Blue premium paint with matte finish.

Driving Experience:

The hyper-current Accuracy EV Idea inside masterfully mixes motorsports-enlivened plan with an electric infusion of new premium advance technology. Presenting the next-generation interface with a hyper-wide, curved transparent display and haptic touch response, the Precision EV Concept allows drivers to experience an intuitive connection with their Acura.

The driver’s senses are engaged by two immersive experiences: There is an exhilarating Instinctive Drive mode that makes performance driving more fun, and a calming Spiritual Lounge mode and also makes the cabin a relaxing place to be when the car is on its own.

The interior of the Precision EV Concept further develops the relationship between craft and technology by utilizing premium, long-lasting materials to reduce carbon emissions and establish a connection to the natural world.

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