How A Fan’s Outlook On Life Just Got Better Subsequent To Seeing Beyoncé Perform


An fan of Beyoncé mooned over the singer after seeing the singer perform. She actually spent more than $2,500 just to see Queen B and her little girl perform live.

As per the fan, this inspired her and also changed her approach to life. The fan spent a joined $2,580 on tickets, travel and lodging to see her act in Las Vegas on her (the fan’s) 24th birthday celebration.

“Beyoncé, almost twice my age at 42, delivered full dance routines and flawless vocal execution for approximately two hours and 30 minutes, only stopping to change costumes”, she said.

Portraying her unqualified love for Beyoncé, the fan said her fan base isn’t new, and one of her earliest recollections was when she was driving to Sears with her mother as a little child while “Crazy In Love” played on the radio.

“I sang “Halo” in front of my 3rd grade classmates, and learned Beyoncé’s entire Coachella set in her college dorm room”.

In any case, seeing her perform at the Allegiant Arena with her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, moved her whole point of view, work and happiness.

“The night was a blur, leaving me with sore feet from endless jumping, countless videos on my phone and an unshakable sense of awe and inspiration It made me want to be the best at my job, get in the best physical shape of my life, and execute my goals and passions to the best of my ability”.

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On the other hand, others who were also at Beyoncé’s show felt same very much like this ‘lifelong’ fan did. After the show, a quick look on X, previously known as Twitter, revealed that, many were left spurred to accomplish more with their passion.

Beyoncé “makes me want to better myself every single day,” someone else posted.

With this, psychologists say it emphatically impacts these participants. As indicated by them, the peculiarity has a scientific clarification — and can prolong motivation boost as far as might be feasible.

People who to change themselves subsequent to seeing their number one artists perform at shows is quite normal, says Tierra T. Ellis, a clinical and community psychologist, and founder of mental health nonprofit Psyches of Color, Inc.

“Neurotransmitters, or happy chemicals like serotonin and dopamine, increase significantly when you [attend] a concert or do other activities you enjoy — which can cause you to feel more inspiration or admiration,” Ellis says.

“I didn’t realize how much I needed that inspiration. As a first-generation college graduate, I’m no stranger to working hard and making things happen for myself”, one said.

Beyoncé herself experienced similar fears early in her career. “I felt, as a young Black woman, that I couldn’t mess up,” she told Harper’s Bazaar in 2021. “I felt the pressure from the outside and their eyes watching for me to trip or fail.”

In her case, being afraid of failure pushed her to become — dare I say — the best. Seeing her live made me want to do the same.

On the other hand, Psychologists have always advised that listening to music at work, the gym or anywhere else can help with your mental boost. Repeat those steps frequently enough for them to become habits, helping your brain associate them with positive motivation.

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