How Billy Crystal ‘Played’ With President Joe Biden

Billy Crystal in a handshake with Pres. Joe Biden

Billy Crystal was one of many artists honored at the Kennedy Center recently. The comedian made an interesting dig at US President Joe Biden during the event.

William Edward Crystal also known as Billy Crystal and numerous other entertainers were commended for their work at the John F. Kennedy Center Honors, the top U.S. honor for accomplishments in the Arts.

Dionne Warwick, a member of the Bee Gees, Barry Gibb, Queen Latifah, a rapper, and opera star Renée Fleming were among the other artists who performed at the glittering event to recognize their lifetime achievements in the arts and entertainment, along with Crystal.

At the occasion, the comedian ‘attacked’ President Joe Biden, who commended the works of the five entertainers during a gathering at the White House before the show.

First lady Jill Biden and President Joe Biden attended the event together. They were seated with the Honorees in the box level. According to the ‘Guardian’, Robert De Niro made fun of the United States president by joking, “You’re only 75,” as he looked at Billy Crystal, who had white hair, on the balcony.

That means you’re just about six years away from being the perfect age to be elected president.” Joe Biden smiled and jokingly waved his finger at De Niro while sitting a few seats away from Crystal.

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The joke was a reference to his age as he is the oldest president ever. At the 46th Kennedy Center Honors, the audience roared, stood up, turned to face the US president, and applauded for a full 30 seconds.

Joe Biden who has forever been at this extraordinary occasion from the very first year, commended the performers during the pre-show gathering at the White House.

“The performing arts are more than just sound and scene. They reflect who we are as Americans and as human beings,” said Biden.

As the 81-year-old president is running for re-appointment, he accepted the joke easily as the crowd thundered.

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