How Cookie-Tee Was Featured In Akon’s Video


Cookie-Tee started as a young model who was extremely hopeful to be in the showbiz industry in Ghana. She had that enthusiasm of having her face on the cover of pretty much every style magazine possible.

Cookie-Tee was in the house, when she had a call from one of her model agencies that she is expected to feature in a music video.

In fact, it was Aliaune Damala Badara Akon Thiam, also referred to mononymously as Akon’s music video, which was being shot in Ghana in 2006.

At that point, Cookie-Tee could barely handle it. She was amazingly cheerful that, she even failed to be at the event on schedule. Cookie-Tee was booked to be among a huge load of different models for auditioning.

Right off the bat, she actually couldn’t make it. Yet, on the next meeting, when Akon was having a presser, Cookie-Tee was available but this time, she was late.

When she arrived, the conference room was loaded with bunches of models. She walked in and plunked down unobtrusively observing what was happening.


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While sitting, she saw that the Senegalese-American singer, songwriter, record producer, and entrepreneur from New Jersey had his eyes fixed on her. Cookie-Tee felt off-kilter, accordingly was somewhat timid.

After the entire audition and press conference by Akon, Cookie-Tee felt fairly left out of the music video, particularly when she arrived behind schedule and all. So she was relaxed at a corner, minding her business.

When Akon was leaving the premises, he passed directly before where Cookie-Tee was serenely standing, and said:

“She’s In The Video”

That was it! Cookie-Tee made it to the final list of models who tried out for the video. Maybe, that was Cookie-Tee’s forward leap in the entertainment and media space.

Meanwhile, Akon rose to prominence in 2004 following the release of “Locked Up”, the first single from his debut album Trouble, followed by the second single “Lonely”.

Cookie-Tee, whose real name is Shirley Emma Tibilla has grown from that notoriety up until this point. She has gone through all the stages to become one of the best Radio and Television Personalities in Ghana.

Cookie-Tee has hosted numerous big events like the launch of Volkswagen (2020), RTP Awards (2018 and 2019), 3Music Awards, Ghana Event Awards among others.

She is currently the co-host of TV3’s morning show and furthermore works with the stations radio platform 3FM, all sations under the umbrella of Media General.

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