How Portugal’s ‘Liberty March’ Came Off This Year Amidst COVID-19

25th April of every year, An extraordinary march called the ‘Liberty March’ is coordinated by people of Portugal to celebrate the commemoration of the transformation that ended Portugal’s 47-year dictatorship.

During this time, there is fun all through, meandering in the city. Nonetheless, due to Covid, 2020’s program was dropped. However, this year, residents were fortunate to have it fallen off but under limits.


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Actually like each year, it was no exemption, as a large number of Portuguese crowd to the streets carrying carnations and yelling “April 25 always. Fascism never again!”.

The people celebrate the unrest that started on April 25, 1974 and ended the tyrant administration of Antonio Oliveira Salazar.

Regardless of a restriction of 1,000 members, a couple thousand more lined the course of the walk on Lisbon’s Avenida da Liberdade on Sunday, making social distancing very difficult.

They got back to the streets again to shield the upsides of April to them.

Portugal, which imposed a lockdown in January to curb what was then the world’s worst COVID-19 surge, started lifting restrictions in March and has since reopened some schools, restaurant and cafe terraces, museums and hair salons.

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