How Rapper Master P Retired From Music To Discover His Business Acumen

Master P

Rap in American can’t be complete without the mention of Master P, who gained fame during the 1990s with the success of his hip hop music group ‘Tru’ just as his fifth performance rap album ‘Ice Cream Man’, which contained his first single “Mr. Ice Cream Man”.

After seven years, Master P acquired further prominence in 1997 after the success of his platinum single “Make Them Say Uhh!”. He just was astounding behind the mic when in his rap element.

The 50 year-old amazing rapper whose real name is Percy Robert Miller, was extremely instrumental in the rap ‘world’ harking back to the 90’s, and had several youthful rap talents admire him. Some believe he made rap look simple, although the genre isn’t that as simple as a pie.

The American rapper, actor, record producer, was before a b-ball player who also made dunking intriguing to watch on the Court. He is perhaps the man of sports and showbiz, since he engaged the world with his sparkling b-ball aptitudes and flawless rap dexterity.

Notwithstanding, after some long stretches of engaging the crowd, Master P thought to hold on with his talent after he released an independent album, ‘Only God Can Judge Me’, in 1998. His retirement additionally coincided with the NBA owners locking out the players.

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Master P actually announced that his June 1998 twofold album, ‘MP Da Last Don’, would be his last, and undoubtedly it truly happened. The Ice Cream man, as he is lovingly called, resigned subsequent to abandoning in excess of six albums to his credit.

He in reality inspired numerous people as far as the game is concerned. He gamed the American Music Industry and laid a path for other people.

After stopping both the ball and rap game, Master P opened “Big Poppas Burgers” on the West Bank of New Orleans in 2019 and then in 2020, he announced his own rice brand, Uncle P’s Louisiana seasoned rice, which he hopes major retailers will begin selling.

He said it’s a way to put money back into our community. As if this wasn’t enough, while No Limit was tearing up the Billboard charts, Master P was expanding his empire into a diverse array of side businesses.

He launched a sports management company, a clothing line, a real estate firm, a phone sex business, a high end travel agency, a video game company and a film studio. Master P is actually a business mogul who knows how to do business.

For someone who built a $250 million Business Empire Off a $10,000, you should never underestimate him in any business.

As of 2020, Master P’s net worth was roughly $200 million.

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