How SHE, A Unique Songstress Hid Her Music Career From Her Dad


Ghanaian songstress, SHE (voice behind the stars) has revealed that she faked her stage name to hide her music career from her dad.

Speaking in an interview with AJ Sarpong on 3FM, the singer, born Yvonne Ohene Djan said her dad didn’t support her fantasy as a performer or singer.

According to her, she came from a strict home and needed to find her a way to accomplish her fantasy as a singer including hiding her identity from her father for a considerable length of time of six years.

She further added that, the name, ‘SHE’ was given to her by the late Faisal Awani of ‘Popchain’ in those days when she joined the music group.

“My father did not know anything about it. My father was like no way you are going to the studio to sing. I told my brother and my mother that this is what I want to do and they were like Daddy would not agree but first hide yourself. Don’t tell anyone you are ‘SHE.’

“SHE was given to me by the late Faisal Awani when I joined Popchain at that time. I did not have any name I said Lateefah and he said I want you to shorten the name from Shilla to SHE and that’s where it started,” she said on 3FM Drive on Thursday February 29.

The artist said she figured out how to conceal her music career from her dad for a long time until she at last let the cat out of the bag to him.

As indicated by her, the dad was somewhat shocked by the news as he was jamming to one of her tunes at the time, until she let him know the mystery.

“For 6 years my father did not know I was SHE so one day he was jamming to ‘Asiew)’ when I went to visit him in the States and I called him and told him,” she added.

The singer added that her mom and senior sibling were fairly mindful of her mysterious music career and supported her all through.

She recalled days they both covered for her anytime she was out of the house for studio recordings. However, she said her daddy is now her favourite fan.

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SHE is one of the mind blowing vocalists whose voice is behind endless number of artists in Ghana including Daddy Lumba, Terry Bonchaka, Daasebre Dwamena, Castro, and so on.

At a point, practically every one of the greatest stars in Ghana wanted her beautiful voice on their tunes because of her extraordinary style of singing and command over melodies.

SHE was recently seen at Kwabena Kwabena and Becca’s Valentine show, where she delivered a remarkable vocals, stimulating the interest of the audience present.

credit: 3FM

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