How Soon Is The AU Passport Launching? Here Are All The Details

President of Chad Idriss Deby (R) and Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame show their Africa passport designed to allow free travel throughout African Union countries during the 27th African Union Summit is in Kigali, Rwanda on July 17, 2016

The African Union (AU) passport will be accessible to all African citizens very soon, as per AU authorities. With this new passport, borders will break up, ushering in a new era of connectedness and collaboration across the continent.

As indicated by authorities, the highly anticipated African visa will be accessible to all citizens and will add to a consistent execution.

When it’s finally revealed, the African Union will make a stupendous stride towards understanding its vision of a truly integrated Africa, and a progressive move towards Agenda 2063.

The AU passport is a document that will replace member state passport and excluded carriers from visas for each of the 55 African states.

The launch of the visa was first announced by Rwandan President Paul Kagame and late Chadian President Idriss Déby in 2016. The identification was to be accessible for use by 2020. However, the rollout was postponed.

This initiative dismantles barriers, encourages the seamless movement of people, goods, and ideas, and fosters a sense of belonging.

It encourages cross-cultural exchange, igniting a wave of innovation and economic growth across the continent. This new found freedom of movement strengthens the muscles and greases the elbow of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

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By breaking down barriers to trade and investment, the passport creates a more conducive environment for intra-African trade, leading to job creation and increased commerce to drive economic growth and development across the continent.

The AU Passport represents a striking step towards understanding the continent’s vision of a unified and integrated Africa. It is a demonstration to their determination to break down barriers and foster greater cooperation among member states.

The unveiling of the passport is to embrace its destiny as a united and dynamic force on the global stage.

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