How To Avoid Being Cheated At The Fuel Station

According to the Consumer Protection Agency of Ghana, buying fuel in liters is a way to avoid being tricked. Therefore, in order to prevent pump cheating, the Agency is urging Ghanaians to insist on purchasing fuel in liters whenever possible.

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Following the revelations made by the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) that more than 55 Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) in Accra had altered their pumps in order to defraud innocent Ghanaians, the Agency asserts that this is the most effective solution at the moment.

A number of OMCs in Accra have changed the pump’s Cedi running meter, but the litre meter has not been changed because the litre section is used to figure out how much fuel each attendant has sold at any given time.

As a result, the CPA has advised customers to avoid purchasing fuel in Cedis and instead notify pump attendants that they wish to purchase fuel in litres because they could easily adjust the Cedi meter but not the litre.

Therefore, if you want to purchase, say, 20 liters; Take a look at the day’s price and divide it by the number of liters you want; and shell out the sum. Anything above this is cheating.

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